Cold Infinity: Universal Vectored Space Combat

(last update 1 August 2013 - see beta version changelog in menu bar)

Cold Infinity is a tabletop space combat game by Kevin A. Muñoz. It was originally designed as a generic ruleset capable of converting ship designs from another system (Babylon 5 Wars). It has evolved into an independent "engine."

Cold Infinity is hex-based, vectored and (optionally) three-dimensional. This means that it uses a hex map for positioning the ship counters, treats movement in space realistically (conservation of momentum) and can be used to simulate three-dimensional battles. In addition, there is a highly detailed ship design system that allows players to build practically any ship they desire.

The game is currently in "final beta" and is "feature-complete." It is fully playable and available for anyone to try, but some rules may be adjusted or added before the final "released" version. In addition to the documents listed below, you will need a large hex map as a playing board. A 1" hex map is the preferred scale, but any scale is acceptable as long as you can make your own counter cubes. (Counter cube cutouts are available for 1" and 1/2" hex maps.)

The documents below are PDF files. If you wish to save them to your computer, right-click on the link. All Cold Infinity documents are free to use, copy and distribute, as long as you do not take credit for the work. Players are strongly encouraged to design ships and weapons and submit them to this site for posting.

Documents for Download

  • Main Rulebook: This contains all of the necessary rules information for playing the game. Now aggregates both Basic and Advanced rulesets, in a new format.
  • Campaign Rulebook: This is a pre-alpha (i.e., incomplete) document for the campaign rules. It includes the pre-beta fleet-level combat rules. (The fleet level combat rules are largely functional at this point, but there are still some gaps.) Format is still the older version; this will be updated soon.
  • Ship Systems Book (SSB): This contains all of the charts necessary for building new ships and weapons. It also contains various tables and charts referenced by the main rule book.
  • Counter Cube Sheets: Counter cubes represent individual units in the game. Print out a sheet of counter cubes onto card stock or other heavy paper. Then cut out each "flat" cube, making sure not to cut through any of the six faces of the cube. Then crease the cube edges and tape the cube into a six-sided shape (like a die). This file contains counter cubes, hex layer counters, guided weapon counters and vector markers.
  • Weapon Systems Book: This is a pre-alpha (incomplete) collection of pre-fab weapon systems, created using the weapon system design rules. Eventually this will serve as the basis for the Cold Infinity "universe" of ships and systems.


  • Ship System Designer: This is a standalone database (based on FileMaker Pro 12) that does most of the heavy lifting for designing ship weapon systems and ship SDSs. It also handles firing solution and vector calculations. It is available for Mac and Windows. It was designed on a Mac, so the Windows version is not quite as pretty. On Windows, install the included Optima font. You do not need FileMaker Pro to use this program.

Babylon 5 Wars Conversions

Babylon 5 Wars ship designs (SCSs) are easily converted to Cold Infinity. A collection of converted ships and weapon systems is in progress and constantly growing. These files are slightly out of date, and do not include the recent changes to the rules on armor.

  • Starships: Currently containing Abbai, Alacan, Balosian, Belt Alliance, Centauri, Corillani, Drazi and Earth ships (around 90 units).
  • Turn Sheets: Turn-By-Turn Control Sheets for the SDS sheets above
  • Weapons: Currently containing the most common weapons in B5 Wars


Click here for game diagrams and gameplay images. (The specific details are slightly out of date in these photos and diagrams.)

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