Cold Infinity: Universal Vectored Space Combat

(last update 9 April 2023 - see beta version changelog in menu bar)

Cold Infinity is a tabletop space combat game by Kevin A. Muñoz. It was originally designed as a generic ruleset capable of converting ship designs from another system (Babylon 5 Wars). It has evolved into an independent "engine" and is now completely distinct from its origins.

Cold Infinity is non-hex based and simulates (simplified) inertial spaceflight in a two-dimensional game area. It also features a robust ship and weapon design system that lets players build entire fleets for their own game universes, or for universes from other media. Counters are designed to be mounted on 39mm poker chips, making them sturdy and easy to use.

All Cold Infinity documents during the playtest phase are free to use, copy and distribute, as long as you do not take credit for the work. The current version is a "playtest pack." It is feature-complete for the base game, but there are still some dials and levers to tweak for purposes of balancing.

Currently, the playtest pack includes the following: a Main Rulebook, which contains all the rules to the game, a Table Book that contains the tables needed for play and design, and a Universe Book that contains the ships (and weapons) currently built with the design system. The Universe Book is growing slowly and will be updated whenever new ships are added. In addition, there is a Play Sheets document and a Universe Book Counters document.

If you test out the game and discover things that you like, dislike or think are broken, please let me know! My email address is in the menu bar. You can also find me on the B5Wars forum and on YouTube. I will be putting together some videos for the game soon!

Documents for Download

  • Main Rulebook - the main 100+ page rulebook that contains everything needed to play the base game
  • Table Book - tables needed for play and for ship/weapon design
  • Universe Book - currently contains 28 ships across three factions (SDS sheets, counters, turn-by-turn control sheets); no small vessels or stationary structures at this time, and no fluff/backstory, but they are coming!
  • Play Sheets - a firing solutions and hit locations sheet, a generic turn-by-turn control sheet, and a page of arc and silhouette wheels for printing and cutting out

For the Future

  • Campaign Book - this will add rules for boarding, space "terrain," officer skills/progression and other elements that expand the base game's flexibility
  • Constructor software - currently in development, this will be a database program that makes it easy to design weapons and ships; I have it working currently for non-small vessel ships and all weapon types, but it's ugly; when it's less ugly and more complete I will link to it here!
  • Expansion book(s) - I have ideas for things like transforming ships, space mecha, living ships, space monsters…
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